Handouts and Presentation Slides

Below you will find handouts, presentation slides, and other materials from presenters from our 2017 fall conference. Thank you to our presenters for sharing these valuable resources with us! Continue to check back frequently as we hope to add more materials soon!

Expectation + Reality = Reflection + Adaptation: Teacher Training in Cambodia

Renee Lajcak, UW-Madison

Abstract: Overseas teachers and trainers can gain substantially from reflective practice.  This presentation describes a recent teacher-training project for a Cambodian NGO.  When expectations face on-site reality, reflection can be an important tool not only for understanding, adapting, and developing workable solutions, but also for examining EFL teaching itself.

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Beyond the Research Paper: Writing for Academic Access in College

Susan Huss-Lederman, Brianna Deering, UW-Whitewater

Abstract: In this practice-oriented presentation, attendees will learn how theme-based writing instruction, coupled with strategic campus engagement, supported international English learners in their first year of university study. Attendees will draft an action plan and receive a list of resources helpful for their own course design.

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Workplace ESL Competency Development and Implementation for Adult Education

Cassandra Pilarski, Marie Simpson, Literacy Network

Abstract: Immigrants starting work in unskilled labor in the U.S. not only have to learn procedures specific to their workplace, but also operate in an environment where the most common language is not their native tongue. This demonstration includes an overview of curriculum development and strategies when planning for workplace ESL.

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Reflecting on Dimensional Divide: Connecting Individualist Instructors and Collectivist Classrooms

Jolene Wierschke, ELS Language Centers, Kenosha

Abstract: An instructor’s worst nightmare for a communicative activity comes when no student raises their hand or when they are simply met with blank stares after delivering instructions. This presentation shares classroom activities and management techniques–including setting classroom expectations, valuing group work, and explicit instructions–for engaging hesitant students.



Student-Teacher Writing Conferences: Opportunities for Reflection

Heidi Evans, Kristin Dalby, UW-Madison

Abstract: In writing courses, student-teacher conferences provide opportunities for students to discuss teacher feedback on their writing, plan revisions, and reflect on their efforts and overall learning goals. The presenters will share materials for conference preparation, tips for instructor feedback, and frameworks for facilitating conferences to maximize student participation and reflection.

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Exploring Reflection to Practice: Lessons Learned from a Reading Group on Race

Tracy Iftikar, Andrea Poulos, Parthy Schachter, UW-Madison

Abstract: Why is it important for ESOL teachers to examine race? How does this reflection impact teaching? Join us as we share topics that we have explored in a reading group on race for ESOL teachers and staff in our program, and discuss ways we have integrated ideas into our teaching.

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