Closing Plenary Speaker

WITESOL is excited to announce that we have a closing plenary speaker for this year’s conference:

Jon Nordmeyer, WIDA

Jon Nordmeyer is WIDA’s International Programs Director. Jon guides the research, development and implementation of WIDA resources to support English language learners in international schools. He comes to WIDA with more than 25 years of experience teaching at international schools in China, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Turkey and Thailand. He has presented at AAIE, AASSA, ACAMIS, AISA, EARCOS, ECIS, ELLSA, Learning Forward, NFI NESA and TESOL conferences and has taught graduate seminars at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Tibet University. He has published articles in the Journal of Staff Development and International Schools Journal. He is the co-editor of Integrating Language and Content (TESOL 2010).

CLOSING PLENARY – Madison Ballroom, 3:15 – 4:00

Transforming the Conversation: Reflecting on Student Assets and Teacher Assets

Jon Nordmeyer, WIDA

Abstract: How can we catalyze a shift from viewing multilingualism as a problem to viewing multilingualism as a resource? 21st century school communities need to reflect a new paradigm in which ALL teachers share responsibility for ALL students. Professional collaboration has the potential to build on strengths of both students and teachers. This session will explore how we can build culture and structures for supporting professional collaboration – to ignite student learning and fuel teacher growth.