WITESOL is excited to announce the winners of the 2016-2017 Writing/Art Contest!  This year’s theme asked students, “What does the world need more of?” Thank you to our judges and contest committee for all of their hard work with the contest!  Below, you can read the list of student winners, followed by the name of the WITESOL member who is the winner’s teacher.  All winning entries will be available soon in a PDF printable booklet.


Theme: What does the world need more of?

Grand Prize Art Winner:  

Ulices Antonio Palacios (Kari Johnson)

Grades K-2 Writing
1.  Zajjailia Xiong  (Kathy Lloyd)
2.  Jaelyn Zuniga (Kari Johnson)
3.  Luz Maria Gonzalez Comi (Kari Johnson)

Grades K-2 Art
1. Francisco de Jesus Calderon Pena (Kari Johnson)

Grades 3-5 Writing
1.  Nigel Thao (Kathy Lloyd)
2.  Daniel Perez Martinez (Kari Johnson)
3.  Evelin Velazquez (Kari Johnson)

Grades 3-5 Art
1.  Aidan Hernandez (Kari Johnson)

Grades 6-8 Writing
1.  Sahra Ahmed (Oksana Kobzar-Schweiner)
2.  Daniel Samano (Vickie Hang)
3.  Wa Xiong (Vickie Hang)

Grades 6-8 Art
1.  Lydia Nordyke Larsson (Oksana Kobzar-Schweiner)

Grades 9-12 Writing
1.  Emily Laredo  (Lori Menning)
2.  Kaoxue Vang  (Vickie Hang)
3.  Jennifer Hernandez (Lori Menning)

Adult Education Writing
1.  Ziyu Li (Emilia Oswalt)
2.  Tory Gruenbacher (Rossitza Ivanova)
3.  Qi Deng (Emilia Oswalt)

Adult Education Art
1.  Ibeth Vanessa Casas Ruiz (Anjie Kokan)

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)


A total of 15 prizes will be awarded for writing:
5 prizes of $50 each (one first prize for each level)
5 prizes of $30 each (one second prize for each level)
5 prizes of $20 each (one third prize for each level)

A total of 6 prizes will be awarded for art:
1 prize of $50 (grand prize winner)
5 prizes of $30 each (one prize for each level)

If you have questions, please email Anjie at