2013 Art and Writing Contest Winners

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WITESOL Art and Writing Contest Winners




Grand Prize Art Winner

Angelina Xiong (Threse Powell)MonroeElementary School,Manitowoc




                        Writing                                                                                   Art


Kindergarten – Second                                                    Kindergarten – Second

1st Place – Alivia Yang (Threse Powell)                                       1st Place – Alivia Yang (Threse Powell)

2nd Place – Jennifer Hang (Threse Powell)

3rd Place – Carlos Muro (Molly Pollock)



Third – Fifth                                                                         Third – Fifth

1st Place – Becky Hang (Threse Powell)                                    1st Place – Hussein Alshaikhli (Molly Pollock)

2nd Place – Pang Yang (Threse Powell)

3rd Place – Emily Garcia (Molly Pollock)

Sixth – Eighth                                                                      Sixth – Eighth         

1st Place – Ger Thao (Tricia Forbes)*                                          1st Place – Gloryser Rivera-Moro (Molly Pollock)

2nd Place – Kristy Moua  (Tricia Forbes)*

3rd Place – Chatsupha Dorsch (Molly Pollock)



High School                                                                         High School

1st Place – Ruby Fortuno (Lori Menning)                                      1st Place – Josué Estrada (Lori Menning)

2nd Place – Miriam Vera (Lori Menning)

3rd Place – Tayres Matamoros (Lori Menning)



Adult                                                                                      Adult

1st Place – Anh Tran (Dawn Shimura)*                                         1st Place – Hyeonseo Lim (Ami Christensen)

2nd Place – Maria Aguirre (Dawn Shimura)*

3rd Place – Brice-Henri (Ami Christensen)

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